Instagram blue light whitening

Do blue lights whiten teeth?

Blue Light Whitening

Do blue lights whiten teeth?

Mouthpiece Trends

You have most likely seen photos of celebrities or Instagram influencers holding a blue light mouthpiece (in their mouth) claiming that it is responsible for their pearly white teeth.

Whitening kits on Instagram

We’ve all seen those posts on social media, but, is that true?
Are they real or scam? Does it work? Does the blue light whitens your teeth?

It is questionable, says Cosmetic Dentist Sako Karakozian

Blue lights whitening

It’s usually coupled with some kind of a peroxide, whether it is a gel or a whitening pen, and that peroxide is actually what’s doing the whitening.

Some would claim there is a chemical reaction activating the hydrogen peroxide, which is also debatable if the blue light is actually activating it, it could just be something for fun (marketing?) for people to pose with on Instagram. It is a nice thing to pose with, it is fun.

At the dentist office they do put you under a light, but that blue light at the dentist office is different since it is something that’s plugged in with a lot of power, they are ultra violet lights, the on-the go blue light whiteners are little LED lights, I do not know the difference and if they do actually whiten your teeth.

The light emits a little bit of heat, that heat will dry your teeth and when your teeth dry they actually look a little lighter and that effect can last for a couple of hours even a couple of days, so instantly it really looks whiter.

Is that good for the enamel?

No, over a long period of time… and not even, instantly, when your enamel is dry the pores in your teeth open up. When those pores open up they’re a lot more susceptible to things like decay or even staining.

Veneers whitening

How about people with veneers?

A lot of people have veneers whether for cosmetic reasons or damaged teeth. Can over-the -counter whitening work on veneers? With veneers, some people have bondings and things like that on their front teeth. Those teeth won’t whiten, so if your other teeth whiten and those stay the same you are going to end up with one tooth that will stand out and look a little funny, so you gotta be careful. The key is consulting with your dentist before trying any kind of peroxide, teeth whitening kit or teeth whitening product.

Teeth whitening kits
Teeth whitening kits

What is the best way to get a white smile?

Everyone drinks coffee and coffee is one of the top staining things. If you drink coffee, after a cup try rinsing your mouth soon after with water to avoid it sitting on your teeth, ti does make a difference.

So every time you drink or eat something with a dark color that can stain your teeth rinse your mouth out with some water, there is chewing gum or over the counter whitening toothpastes, which are abrasive and will take away the superficial stains on your teeth.
Be very careful regarding all the promotional whitening items that celebrities are endorsing. You always want to rethink something, do your research and consult with your dentist.

Teeth whitening tips

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