Charcoal Teeth Whitening – Does it work?

At-Home Whitening

Charcoal teeth whitening

Does charcoal teeth whitening works?

You have probably recently seen some videos of girls brushing their teeth with some sort of weird black stuff for teeth whitening.

New products have been emerging in the teeth whitening industry that claim to whiten your teeth at home. One of this type of at-home whitening products is a round container with a charcoal-derived black mixture powder-.

According to Dr. Susan Maples, there is not enough evidence available yet to know if this new type of teeth whitening is actually beneficial, she told Fox News.

We have to be careful when choosing any type of teeth whiteing products, whether it is white strips, a peroxyde gel whitenig pen, or mouth guards.

With DIY at-home whitening kits we can damage our enamel if we are not careful.

Always consult with your dentist prior trying any teeth whitening method.

Chrcoal Teeth Whitening review

Real or Scam?

Doing our research on Amazon, we’ve found most of these are useless placebo products that sell based on FAKE positive reviews.

But people don’t take the time to analyze.

Check out this whitening charcoal scam product:

Active Wow Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder Natural

All positive reviews are made from bots, all negative reviews from real deceived users.

You’ve been warned.

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